Sunday, March 29, 2009

Palestinian Solution Mischief

For the past 30 years answers to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been portrayed as missing two ingredients regarding the Palestinian State. The Israelis just have to give up East Jerusalem. Then absorb people that are still being manipulated by Israel’s enemy. The memory of an old Aesop Fable lesson: Deceitful Presentations, mostly known as "a sheep in wolf’s clothing," comes to mind.

The Arab League for the past 40 years has held summit after summit. These meetings are never productive and at no time have bequeathed a real solution. In recent times Iran has had meetings with some members. Then those members meet with the rest of the Arab League. Spectators are informed this is all in the name of trying to resolve the situation.

A Palestinian state has been propagated by the world. Yet, for the general public, there are no details as to how the Palestinian economy would evolve. Will they print their own money? Are the Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, or Arab Muslims?

It is very obvious that the Palestinians live in limbo. Where thugs are portrayed as a government and proactive killing will achieve an outcome favorable to the Palestinians. Just to make matters worse, all Palestinians are not Palestinians. Some are Gazans ruled by Hamas. Others are West Bankers controlled by Fatah.

Palestinians in camps in Lebanon are Shia Muslims. In Gaza they are Sunni Muslims. For those in the West Bank the definition is not clear. The impression by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is one that all of them are Arabs. They are all professed as Muslims. Thus, they have to be Arab Muslims.

The renowned author George Friedman, of Stratfor, in his January 15, 2009 commentary entitled "Geopolitics of the Palestinians" stated that the PLO was born from the Arab National Movement started by an Egyptian General. Now more commonly known as the Arab League.

Mr. Friedman also states that a Palestinian state achieved only by the destruction of Israel would not be a state at all. It would be under the command of one of the Arab League countries. Or with Israel still existing could only exist under the control of Israel. Those assertions appear to be correct.

Due to concerns about Israel’s security, restricting the movement of Palestinians is their only option at this time. Transparency of what is coming into the Gaza Strip through the ports and into the West Bank not withstanding. This does leave Palestinians in the instruments of Israel.

On the other hand, the Arabs being in domination after the destruction of Israel would fare much worse. Being the Arabs would have used the Palestinians to destroy their vowed enemy by means of violence and terror. The Arab League is designed to create one Arab nation seemingly encompassing any Arabs through out the world. Since speaking Arabic was the original criteria becoming a Muslim must be a covert principle.

Are the Arabs truly looking for a solution other than the destruction of Israel in their summits on Palestine? The answer appears to be no. After the Ottoman Empire fell, the Arab League was created to unite what was left of the unconquered Arab lands and putting them under Islamic Rule.

The Arab League charter clearly expresses one thing. The Arab control of borders for Palestine likened under British rule. Which would encompass what is now Israel. Just like the map on the scarf Yassir Arafat of the PLO wore.

The Quran was written in Arabic. It states that no Israeli can ever control Jerusalem. Reason being that after King Solomon no Israeli could be worthy. Completely ignoring the issue of the state of war between Judah and Israel after the King’s death.

Even Christian ideology paints a portrait against Judah and Israel. In the context of a people called Israelis or Jews in the Bible who can not control Jerusalem. Whereas, God is going to destroy the world raising up a few people afterwards to live in modern means without manufacturing. Thus, no one needs to worry about Jerusalem, which belongs to the Palestinians.

Right back to Palestine, an area of land which Egypt did control a long time ago. Effectively, it was the battleground between Babylon (Iraq) and Egypt. Both of which are now parts of the Arab League and under the direction of the Islamic faith.

Awhile back, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer during a segment on "Special Report with Brit Hume" stated that America should deal with the Arabs. Asserting that Arabs were not Muslims who are the terrorists.

The only way to make sense of that would be in the context that Hamas who are Gazans rule Gaza. They are not Palestinians until they destroy Israel and become a member of the Arab League. The Hamas charter is not to recognize Israel. In so many words, they are dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Charter of the Arab League’s is for the recognition of an Arab Palestinian State. Functionally, giving the Arabs control over the economic viability of the area. Which would be inline with their "Joint Defense and Economic Cooperation Treaty between the States of the Arab League (1950-52)."

So, the PLO can claim they will recognize Israel only if they have East Jerusalem and return of people (though not their fault) breed just to out number the Israelis. This is affirmed by statements from Yassir Arafat in Stockholm during a 1996 speech "We plan to eliminate the state of Israel…by psychological warfare and population explosion…(till we) take over everything including Jerusalem."

Whether Arabs are not Muslims or are Arab Muslims can be addressed in the Quran. The Prophet Mohammed fought over paganism and claims of brutality against woman at the hands of the Arabs. Yet, Arabs who claim not to be Muslims don’t allow woman any rights just as Al Queda, the Taliban, and conservative Islamic governments.

Prisoner of War status entails the separation of the sexes. Much like Arab, Muslim, or Arab Muslim governments. This can only lead one to believe the Arab League uses the Quran as a weapon of war to oppress people.

Walid Phares wrote a blog entitled "Will We be Able to Bring Peace to Gaza this time?" on January 9, 2009. His aspect is a Ten Point Plan for Gaza. In his scenario, the Palestinian Authority (PA) under Mahmoud Abbas is completely trustworthy. Thus, is only addressed in the context of taking over the ruling Gaza.

Gaza would be "demilitarized" with a United Nations (UN) Multi National Force (MNF). This is needed because any peace treaty does not bind Hamas. Due to them not being internationally recognized. How that is not Hamas’s fault can not be gleaned. But it is a good reason to bring in the UN MNF and keep Hamas around.

Mr. Phares goes on to suggest having the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference pay for the MNF and build a police force manned by the PA. Allow Gazans to work in Arab countries. Have Gazans move freely back and forth between Gaza and the West Bank.

All of this to be followed up with "final security economic arrangements" to be in the "final status of negotiations." Decoded means the status of Jerusalem and return of displaced persons. Which makes no sense because at that time Gaza and the West Bank will be an Arab International protectorate able to pressure the negotiations.

Thus, fulfilling an Arab controlled state being able to void any agreements between the Palestinians and Israel. The Arabs would have complete access to funneling money, weapons, and economic control over the Palestinian people. Leading to an interesting point. In 1974 Arafat devised a ten-point plan with a goal of an Arab Palestinian State over all of Israel.

Iran and Syria are acknowledged to be a problem in Mr. Phares’s ten-point plan. He states they are funding Hamas in the conflict not the Arabs. His idea of rebuilding Gaza by the Arab League is illogical. They are not done with the war. Proved by the failure to get much aid publicly pledged to the rebuilding of Gaza.

As stated in the beginning, Syria is part of the Arab League and Iran is not. Mr. Friedman also stated that before the Palestinian State idea, most Palestinians considered themselves Syrians. Directing the conclusion in to the effect that the Arabs are funneling money to Iran and Syria to fight the conflict in Gaza covertly. Maybe by using meetings between the countries over such things as oil, natural gas supplies, or cell phone contracts to discuss covert projects.

Then, some members of the Arab League meet with Iran over the Gaza crisis. Continue on to meet with the rest of the league. Thus, becoming that Iran is funding the war. Hamas is the terrorists. The Arab League is the peacemaker.

Even though the Arab League does not state or deny the goal of the destruction of Israel. It does imply an Arab superpower encircling the whole world under the Islamic Faith.

One last issue is the solution to have Egypt control Gaza. Jordan commands the West Bank. A solution that would open both those entities to lose control of their own countries and become the front lines on the war against Israel. Thus, tipping control of the world.

It seems that there is no answer to this problem. Yet, there is. It starts with the acknowledgment of people’s intentions, religious or not. This composition is just part of the picture of players in this complex problem.

by Ravin Black
January 21, 2009

"A people without reliable news is, sooner or later, a people without the basis of freedom." Harold J. Laski: A Grammar of Politics


  1. That was a comprehensive analysis!!!

    I'm not sure about your interpretations of the Quran, but I've never read it and dont have much interest in it to do so.

    Fatah is certainly not a sincere partner for peace with Israel and neither is Hamas.

    Acknowledging reality would be a great place to start working on a solution to this never-ending crisis. Unfortunately, there isnt a statesman in the world willing to accept the reality on the ground. We are led about by a cult of denial.

  2. while if one wants to understand those who wish to control them it might be worth it to try and understand them

    personally, i haven't seen any of the talking heads on tv or print really address the issues of what the people who we are fighting believe in

    i have 25 years in studying the quran cause that is how long it took to understand the people who control and those who are controlled and what it is they preach

    so, i will post part I of fighting allowed in the quran

    been a bad day...have a good night