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“A CATASTROPHE” began 610 CE (Part III)

Fighting in self-defense can take on many forms. When it comes to religion, as recorded in the past 6,000 years of human history, a desire to practice one’s own belief have collided with those who want to force religion on others. Religion in and of its self is fine. The problem is when it encroaches upon violence or psychological actions against other people, animals, and Earth.

In Islam, the Prophet Mohammed didn’t fight until he had fled to Madinah from Makkah. This is laid out in Chapter 22 called "The Pilgrimage" during the Lake Makkah (LM) period. Under the section "Believers Permitted to fight" is the earliest known approval-allowing followers to fight. This comes after 10 years of omens as to the destruction of the people of Makkah.

Without his Uncle Talib’s protection anymore, Mohammed approves the sacrifice of one’s life in the defense of the truth, which is manifest in him; this is recorded in Chapter 22. For the time was coming when the enemy was going to exterminate those who he had converted or he was hiding with. Included in this directive was the defense of the churches and synagogues.

Every commander was mandated to "respect all houses of worship" including monks and their servants. Yet, Mohammed had in Chapter 17, in the Early Makkah period, been told by the Angels. The destruction of King Solomon’s Temple was directed by them both times upon the disobedience of the Israelis.

The relation between these two conflicting attitudes is questionable. Chapter 23 "The Believers" also of the LM period reveals that a mild warning not heeded leads to a greater punishment including the complete wiping out of peoples. Mohammed had warned the Jews and Arabs of Madinah not to side with the Makkans. His reference had to have been the destruction of Solomon’s temple.

Chapter 2 "The Cow" recorded as being from the 1-2 After Hijrah (AH) in the section "Retaliation and Bequests" covers agreements in regards to business and war. When personal or national arrangements between peoples are not respected a violation of the peace is committed. This is then considered a fight in the self-defense of Islam.

A couple of sections after "Retaliation and Bequests" is "Fighting in Defense" which commences the rules of self-defense fighting. Most notably in this section is the allowance of fighting in the Sacred Months. Only in retaliation can one fight during the Sacred Months. This force can not be more than what the enemy has laid upon them.

The force could not be disproportional to the enemy’s strength used against the Muslims. One is to use only enough power to keep the enemy at bay until the end of the Sacred Months. No action taken against the unbeliever would set a dangerous precedent. Attacking during the Sacred Months are considered worse than homicide. Upon the conclusion of the Sacred Months, Muslims shall continue to fight till the destruction of the enemy. It was theorized the unbelievers were to trying to break the Muslims of their beliefs.

Infliction of death for leaving Islam is also covered. Death is only allowed for leaving Islam if the Muslim joins the enemy. Though it doesn’t really say if that means the battlefield or something else. Unbelievers are the enemy in that they reject the truth of Allah who will punish them.

In Chapter 2, the next section is titled "Trials and Tribulations" this covers such things as torture. Where the follower’s reliance and steadfastness under persecution is likened to what Mohammed experienced. When the persecution ends the enemy will use more fierce actions just like they did to Mohammed.

For extensive force will be brought down upon the believers to quit their religion. As Jesus cried "Oh, Lord why have thou forsaken me" so will Mohammed’s followers feel the same. Until they feel comparable to how Jesus did there is no trial proportional to that of Mohammed’s. For the truth can only be brought forth under the severest of trials. Otherwise, it can not itself be truth.

A lot has been said on both sides as to whether Islam is doing conversion by the sword. It appears that Hamas does in the Gaza Strip. Along with Al Queda who state they are Arab Sunni Muslims. The Arab League will not condone Hamas, as neither they do anything to stop them. Al Quds, which is Jerusalem, they claim, should come under the control of the Arab League.

The Quran in Chapter 2 does address this issue in regards to the Badr War, which was around 2 AH. Mohammed only having 313 young and old males was up against 1,000 battle ready men. Leaving no means for the conversion by sword of the enemy or to fight for riches. Implying the Muslims were too busy defending themselves against the Arab armies. Yet, is that a logical argument?

According to the Quran, man can never reward fighting in the cause of truth only Allah. For Mohammed is the truth and all sacrifices are well redeemed. Muslims are instructed in Chapter 8 to fight a defensive war to save themselves and Islam. "Voluntary Gifts" is the name of Chapter 8 which is from the 1-2 AH era.

Going back to Chapter 2 also of the 1-2 AH era there is a section called "Usury Prohibited." Many people use this as a reference against interest based loans. Really, this is about not using interest-based loans to fund the Islamic War. For Mohammed felt that it would doom the subjugator and the subjugated.

Logic being peoples must be willing to sacrifice to save themselves and their nation. They had to avoid interest debt driven wars. The "fund for the defense of Muslim society" clearly solves this problem. As one can see the Palestinian people contribute to this fund in blood and any money the international community gives them.

Which brings up another point, in the Osama bin Laden’s audiotape release on January 14, 2009. The statement "The worst kind of inheritance is a protracted guerrilla war against a patient, stubborn opponent, that has been financed by interest-based loans" was made. Many experts stated that this had to have been recently recorded. As one can see, that is a fundamental principle of Islamic warfare.

As Mohammed subjugated Madinah and other areas he became stronger due to the spoils of war. Those plunders are from those who he mastered or who he killed. In turn this contributed to the funding of the defense of Islam.

Another rule to this game, though not unique to Islam, in Chapter 8 under "Peace to be secured by Strength" is convoluted. The Holy Quran approved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia states that a Muslim should arm themselves with the best weapons.

Whereas, the Holy Quran interrupted by Maulana Muhammad Ali of Pakistan asserts that Muslims need to be well prepared due to the loss in the Badr War. For that is the only way for the enemy to remain pacified. He goes on further to state Muslims should make treaties even if they believe the enemy is being deceitful. As in Chapter 9 "The Immunity" from the 9-10 AH era, if the adversary breaks their agreement. The Muslims can kill or take captives due to the breach of that agreement.

This reasoning of arming to keep the peace is corrupt. The fact is Mohammed started out his ministry by telling the Israelis and idolatrous Arabs that the Angels who instructed him had devastated them in the past. Moreover, Mohammed claims to be the "Warner" that is given to all peoples in order to show them the correct path before their punishment by Allah.

Surely, the self-defense war is a product of illusion. Islam catches innocent people in the middle. Iran threatens Israel with the excuse that it is in self-defense. Because when the Muslims captured Jerusalem it was a defensive game that fulfilled the signs of Allah.

Another way to contain Islam’s enemies is to penalize them for attacking. In Chapter 33 from the 5-8 AH era tells the tale of the Battle of the Trench (5 AH). Where Mohammed forgoes the responsibility for the killing of the Jews after they were defeated. This liability is passed on to a former pagan and General of Mohammed during the war.

In "The Allies" or Chapter 33, it is said that if the Jews would have picked Mohammed to decided their discipline. He would have spared them the sword. This General is cited as using the Jewish law of Deuteronomy 20:12-14, which calls for the killing of males and taking of captives. As this General was disgusted by the Jews treachery.

If Mohammed had spared the Jews of Makkah the sword for how long would that have been? The story of the War in Chapter 33 is from the 5-8 AH period. If one goes back to Chapter 3 from the 3-4 AH era, the second of four AH periods, it describes when Muslims could associate with non-Muslims.

The section "The Kingdom is granted to another People" in Chapter 3 at first explains Mohammed’s right to the Promised Land of Abraham. Reasons being the Jews had always tried to kill Mohammed. Jewish law was completed with Mohammed’s ministry. Further stating Jesus had informed the Israelis their Kingdom would be given to a dutiful nation.

Now that Islam has been justified as the rightful owner the ways in which they could ally with the enemy are very clear. During the 3-4 AH they were forbidden to seek relationships in the area of financial affairs. For the unbelievers will not safeguard Muslims interests. More importantly, when Allah’s day comes Muslims do not want to be with the unbelievers.

In the previous verses one is referred to Chapter 60 entitled "The Woman who is Examined" from the 9-10 AH era, which is the last two years of Mohammed’s life. At this point, the section "Friendly Relations with non-Muslims" details relationships with unbelieving women.

Intimacy with conquered women who didn’t fight against the Muslims had to be addressed. As the title suggests their faith was the question. This verse also says that if the non-fighting men do not force the Muslim from his home or to give up Islam: mingling with them is allowed. Yet, most of this discussion is about the marriage of conquered women.

One can glean from this that non-fighting men are allowed to live only if they are subservient to the Muslims. Such as paying a higher tax then Muslims and not practicing their religion in the open and sometimes not at all. Men and women not of Islam were able to marry a person in Islam. Yet, when war comes dowries are to be given back and relations to end.

Considering that war would mean the punishment of Allah the disbeliever would be converted or killed. So, Mohammed may spare the sword in the beginning. As stated earlier, a milder warning not heeded leads to a severer punishment. Thus, Mohammed at some point would have brought about Allah’s punishment for the Jews of Makkah had they emigrated to a foreign land.

Emigrating to a foreign land is stated as being what Mohammed would have decreed for the Jews at Makkah. Being the last lesson of the Battle of the Trench was that Allah would give the Muslims land they had not been to before. So, Mohammed could spare the lives of the Jews of Makkah until their unbelief can no longer be tolerated.

Testimony concerning the reality of being an ally with the Islamic State is covered in Chapter 9. After Islam became a ruler all of Arabia the Roman Christen Empire was deemed no longer an ally. Where they had helped in subduing the Jews and Arabs it is stated they now seen the Muslims as to strong. Thus, the rules of self-defense as instructed by Mohammed where considered in play.

The fight against the Roman Christen Empire was not a direct onslaught. It wasn’t until the Romans conspired with the enemies of Islam to stir up trouble in the Muslim nation that the sword was taken up.

This can truly be seen as the playbook when anyone considers defending his or her country against Islam. The Muslims move to a country and warn of these peoples’ disbelief which develops into them being persecuted for following Islamic law instead of the countries’ laws. As stated, Muslims are told to spread the word of Allah and to be peaceable in their conduct until it becomes a fight for the defense of Islam.

Trying to help another nation against an Islamic self-defensive war is clearly not an option as stated previously. This could lead to ones’ saying they are not for Israel and are a friend to Islam. Thus, opening their doors to Islam. Either way, Islam considers them an enemy to be dealt with at some time in the future.

So, as Hamas sends small rockets at Israel as a mild warning. A more unmerciful punishment is in store for Israel. After the destruction of Israel, comes subjugation of the rest of the world. Even if that world is standing on the sidelines. Making the innocents of Islamic subjugation a pawn in a stratagem of world domination.

By the Quran, the Palestinians can not seek to be a resident of Israel. For they should not work or do financial transactions within the State. Those who are living in Israel or married to an Israeli will have to decide at some point what their beliefs are concerning Islam.

Unless the enemy desists from plotting wars and ceases to be unbelievers Allah will seek to punish them. Leading to a world with no more persecution of Muslims and all religions are for Allah.

by Ravin Black
February 12, 2009

"A people without reliable news is, sooner or later, a people without the basis of freedom." Harold J. Laski: A Grammar of Politics

“A CATASTROPHE” began 610 CE (Part II)

Mr. John Medows Rodwell in 1861 translated the Quran along with doing some commentary on it. "The Koran" as titled by Mr. Rodwell is different than most versions of the Quran. His criticism that the chapters being out of order led him to rearranging them in his translation work.

It appears that the chapters of the Quran are in the order of current Islamic principle. The chapters revealed in the After Hijrah (AH) 1-2 period are in the beginning of the Quran. Not because they are longer, but because the wars had begun. Thus, as the fight to install Islam as the true religion of man the rules set forth in these chapters became more important than the earlier chapters.

The earlier chapters are for reference and the newer ones refined the call of a righteous war. Meaning that the chapters of the Quran are in the right order. Chapter 41 "The Warning" is from the Middle Makkah period. This chapter reiterates the same theme of warning Makkah, proof of signs in the punishment to come, and the gradual but swift spread of Islam after the persecution ends.

Whereas, Chapter 3 "The Family of Amran" from the AH 3-4 period lays out inheritances of the priesthood from Adam through Jesus to Mohammed. In verse 18 the idea is conveyed that every child is born a Muslim because Islam is the natural peaceful religion. The parents of these children force the crime of hypocrisy on their Muslim children.

The freeing of all the children of the world in Chapter 3 is built on a verse in Chapter 22. Also known as "The Pilgrimage" Chapter 22 is from the Late Makkah (LM) period. Verse 39 narrates how Mohammed made the leaders of his followers’ take an oath as they fled to Madinah. Known as one of the earliest authorizations to fight the oath entailed protecting Mohammed.

To put in Chronological order Chapter 17 "The Israelis" from the Early Makkah (EM) period reveals that man is to be offered the correct path by the righteous prophet Mohammed. Chapter 41 "The Warning" during the Middle Makkah (MM) period foretells the destruction of Makkah for their persecution of Mohammed.

When Mohammed’s Uncle Talib died as chronicled in Chapter 28 called "The Narrative" during the LM period. Talib would not forsake the Gods of his Fathers. Thus, Mohammed declared one could not always guide those who they love. Yet, over time Divine unity will happen. In Chapter 22 "The Pilgrimage" from the LM period stipulates an oath to protect Mohammed as they would their children.

One can only conclude that Chapter 3 is built on the earlier revelations in order to explain them as being divine revelation. Creating a justification for the ongoing war and that his followers will be victorious in the end. So, the issue at hand is put in the right order in the Quran.

Starting with Chapter 2 creating a fund for the Muslim children left behind from persecution or conflict like the Badr War. Chapter 3 declares all humans fall under the jurisdiction of Allah from birth. Chapter 17 declares all men starting with the Israelis must be shown the right course before their punishment is rendered.

An oath to protect Mohammed as one would their children is in Chapter 22. Since all children are born Muslims, like Uncle Talib, the path to divine unity will not be an easy one as narrated in Chapter 28.

Mohammed prophesied all this in the early years of his ministry before the wars. This is shown in Chapter 41. Being that Mohammed did not live to see Islam instated in Makkah having died on the way there. This created a practiced plan of proof that his revelations are from a divine source.

This proceeds into Chapter 101 "The Calamity" where Mohammed in the EM period prognosticated the defeat of Makkah by the Muslims. This divine prophecy of conquest is an outline of world domination. Presented in the correct order for the followers and converts adherence in the fight for Allah.

Ending with Chapter 114, revealed in the EM era, called "The Men" it confirms the Quran was put together in the correct order for their intended purpose. Mohammed was guided by the Angels to apocalypse the demise of Arabia and the Levant. Upon the ruin of the Makkans the proof of Mohammed’s obedience to Allah’s word through the Angels materialized.

Just as the claims of the Angels of Allah being the ones who instructed Isaiah and Jesus to foretell the destruction of Israel. The Quran’s concluding chapter "The Men" crafts a warning to all mankind to seek refuge in Allah the Nourisher. For belief in the Quran’s law, Mohammed, and Allah is the only protection for man.

The destruction of world opposition begins with Israel and control of Jerusalem or Al Quds as the Muslims call it. The Arab League will control Al Quds, which is the gateway spiritual center of Islam to the rest of the world. Whereas, Makkah is the spiritual center for the Masters of Islam as it was the beginning of Mohammed’s augury. Not to mention Mohammed made Makkah the Kabah of monotheism instead of Jerusalem.

To fight in Allah’s way is the same as fighting in self-defense in Chapter 3. In order to understand that one must carefully look at the chapters and verses related to the rules of fighting in self-defense. Arguments of whether the word Jerusalem is in the Quran or whether it is complied in the right order will not suffice.

Not understanding the Quran’s relationship to the Israeli-Palestinian War. Including how Muslims are being used as pawns in a broader game of world domination leaves one at a disadvantage.

One can stick their head in the sand. Sooner or later they have to come up for air. Whether that will be in the scorching natural sun or a night lit by a sliver of that same light guiding their way out. It leads to the same outcome of which someone else is directing.

by Ravin Black
Febuary 9, 2009

"A people without reliable news is, sooner or later, a people without the basis of freedom." Harold J. Laski: A Grammar of Politics

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“A CATASTROPHE” began 610 CE (Part I)

Since 1947 Israel has been called "The Catastrophe" by the Palestinians in spite of that declaration already having been made by the Prophet Mohammed in 610 CE. In the Holy Quran, Chapter 101 is called "The Calamity." This chapter is from the Early Makkah period which is considered the beginning of the Prophet Mohammed’s preaching.

Only containing 11 short verses Chapter 101 is the affirmation of the doom of the Quraish. The Quraish is considered the idolatrous Arabs and the Jews who joined in. So, the reference is to the doom of both sets of people. The entirety of the chapter is the mechanism in which Islam shall conquer the whole world. Where as, the Quraish becomes a reference to the Israelis as the center of the battle. When the day of the Calamity comes destroying the earth before the Resurrection.

In addition, any peoples can become the Quraish when an opponent of the Truth (the Prophet Mohammed). The true order of these vanquishing people is Madinah, Makkah, and then the Israelis. Though, in between that time other countries with Christians, Pagans, or Atheists are to be taken over. Yet, the final battle will be defined by the destruction of Israel.

The Angels who spoke to Mohammed stated in Chapter 4 that they were there at the creation of Adam. They anointed all the prophets of Israel from Abraham to Jesus: whom the Israelis refused to accept and the Christians went astray by the atonement of Jesus not to mention making him a God. With this in mind, one has to understand that the eradication of Israel is the destruction of all opposition. As the Angels stated in Chapter 17 they ordered the destruction of Solomon’s Temple both times. No one should doubt the essence of that statement.

Israel is also considered as the Christians. Solomon’s kingdom was given to the Christians. The Christians are the Israelis in their eyes. In the event that all Israelis, Jews, Christians, or Pagans are cleansed from King Solomon’s domain the center of the battle would be Europe and America including Canada.

This heritage from Israel to the rest of the world becomes more detailed in Chapter 17, which is called "The Israelites." Like Chapter 101, Chapter 17 is from the Early Makkah period. It relates Islam to the sun and the moon. Just as the moon has no original light the ignorant world is the night. Thus, the day will come when Islam like the sun is the world’s natural light.

The followers of Islam have known the light since the 7th century. In the sense that atonement whether Jewish law or Jesus’ dying does not save a man from his consequences. For man alone is responsible for his actions. In Chapter 51, "The Scatters," it states that there are "many paths of heaven." This is suppose to be taken in the context that Mohammed didn’t know about the planet's orbits as we do today. Which means the Holy Quran can only be of Divine Revelation.

Though, a careful look at the "many paths of heaven" verse reveals it is a direct repudiation of Halakha the Hebrew word meaning "the path" as in the Jewish law. Going back to Chapter 17, a man was to be offered the correct path to heaven through the messenger of Allah being Mohammed. If after a man has been warned of being on the wrong path and continues on that path then punishment will follow.

Jesus told the Israelis of Allah’s discontent for indecency. They rejected the message and were smitten. So to, those who reject the message of Allah through Mohammed have now multiplied their offenses. So much so that such measures as the destruction of their towns, cities, peoples, and countries is justified.

The Early Makkah period spans over the first 5 years of Mohammed’s preaching. Middle Makkah is the next 5 years. The next three years is the Late Makkah period. Then Mohammed flees to Madinah shortly after his uncle Talib died in Makkah. This starts the AH periods which means After Hijrah.

There are 4 AH intervals. The first two years is called AH 1-2. Following next two years is called AH 3-4. Next is the AH 5-8 which is 3 years long. Mohammed’s last two years is AH 9-10. The prevailing thought is Mohammed died in 632 CE with his ministry spanning the last 23 years of his life. Bringing a working calculation of 609 CE to 632 CE to define the eras of Mohammed.
People can have different years around the same time for an event that is discussed in the Holy Quran. The main point is how the chapters revealed by Mohammed at different times lays out a plan for world domination.

Mohammed instructs his followers to go with great eagerness and fortification to spread Islam. He states this in a Chapter 79 entitled "Those Who Yearn" under the subtitle "The Great Commotion." Leading to Chapter 100 that describes how wars will be waged against Islam whom will be victorious.

One can only come to an understanding that "The Great Commotion" is the prelude to Chapter 100 that is called "The Assaulters." Chapter 17, 79, 100, 101 are all in the Early Makkah period. Now, Chapter 29 "The Spider" is from the Middle Makkah period.

"The Spider" outlines that the Holy Quran is the purifier with Mohammed as the "Warner of Allah." Those who deny the signs of Allah will be punished thus fulfilling the signs. Mercy is the Quran. Accepting the Quran is the only mercy to be shown. Since, punishment is thought of to be hell. Hell is considered not only the afterlife but also this life as well. So, a man cannot escape from Allah’s punishment in this life or the afterlife.

Common thought puts Mohammed’s skirmishes and wars as starting around the AH 3-4 and 5-8 periods. Which is after his Uncle died and he fled to Madinah. Meaning that the chapters revealed from the Early Makkah to the Late Makkah and probably the AH 1-2 periods are the forerunner to his wars.

These revelations before the actual wars are to orchestrate how to conduct a war. By blaming the people who refused his signs from Allah. Calling them the assaulters. This theory is clearly laid out in the Late Makkah period. In a Chapter called "The Thunder" Allah warned the Makkans many times of their crimes against him and the righteous religion.

The crimes described in the Chapter 13 or "The Thunder" are the rejection of Mohammed’s ministry covering the Early Makkah and Middle Makkah period. Through this rejection Allah will punish them with the severest punishment of either the sword or conversion. Punishment designed to reveal the truth of the revelation of Mohammed for all peoples then and in the future.

by Ravin Black
February 3, 2009

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Jerusalem not a Muslim Word

The word Jerusalem is only utilized in the commentary of the Holy Quran. There are other words used in reference just not the exact word "Jerusalem." Words such as Kingdom of Solomon, a town fallen upon it’s roof, their nation (after addressing the Jews), People of the Book, and Children of Israel or David.

Instead of directly acknowledging their wish to conquer Jerusalem, the Quran seeks to litigate the Prophet Mohammed’s spiritual and kingship line of succession over its control. Seemingly establishing the fact of his need to take full possession over the area and its inhabitants. Thus, addressing the issue from this viewpoint.

In the index for the Holy Quran the word Jerusalem has 5 citations which are only found being used in the commentary. Though the exact word Jerusalem is used more times in the commentary than the 5 listed notations in the index. After Chapter 38 there is no more reference to Israel in the verses or Jerusalem in the commentary. The subject becomes more about David and Solomon then maneuvering on to Christianity.

At one point the Quran mentions "the throwing of bodies on Solomon’s throne" instead of naming his sons Rehoboam and Jeroboam in the verse. Going on in the commentary to explain that the sons were weak rulers distracted by wealth and women. In so many words stating that no Israeli after Solomon can ever be worthy of ruling Solomon’s kingdom, let alone Jerusalem.

The Quran exonerates David and Solomon from the accusations laid out against them in the Torah and Bible. In Chapter 67 the dialogue uses phrases like "Whose hand is the Kingdom" as a description of Solomon’s domain. With all commentary focusing on the Christians as the owners of Solomon’s Kingdom.

The last sections of the Quran mainly deal with laws given by Mohammed as how to live. Along with the subject of the coming day of Judgement and Resurrection just like the Torah and Bible. It appears that there is no need to consider the Israelis or Jews from midway through the book till the end.

This can only mean that the subjugation of Israel, her people, and Jerusalem is going to happen in their eyes. The introduction of the Quran asserts the first revelations of Mohammed are at the end of the book. Inferring the acquisition of Jerusalem was conceived before their overt plan was laid out.

Which is clearly presented in Chapter 2 verse 140-43 in that Jerusalem is no longer the main spiritual center (Qiblah) of monotheism because Allah had forsaken them. Reasons are that the Jews believed their law was the only way to salvation for man. Christians believed in Jesus’s atonement.

This posed a problem, as both religions were the seed of Abraham through Isaac. Since the Prophet Mohammed’s lineage descended by way of Ishmael a new monotheist spiritual center was required. Especially when Mohammed seen how resistant the Jewish population was in Madinah. Until Mohammed fleed to Madinah he had always prayed towards Jerusalem as the main Qiblah of monotheism. In Madinah and continuing after that time, he changed to having the Qiblah in Makkah.

Makkah has been portrayed as the site of an altar consummated by Abraham and Ishmael. Thus, in the eyes of the Quran it could not be an idolatrous temple. Divine Revelation told Mohammed in Madinah to conquer Makkah first. Then, proceed on to Jerusalem as confirmed in a verse by saying, "the East and the West belongs to Allah."

Following the logic in the commentary of the Holy Quran that Jerusalem was designated for the Israelis. Makkah is the Qiblah for the whole purification of mankind augmenting this to having Islamic spiritual and kingship leaders to rule over all earth. Islam claims to embrace all the prophets from Abraham on down. Creating a unity out of the division and apostasy of the Jews and Christians.

Controversy over whether King Solomon’s Temple existed as described in a proclamation by the Egyptian Government sometime after 1998 relates to this topic in the Quran. The document states "Al Aqsa is directed towards Al Ka'aba, in Mecca, while the Temple was a rectangular building directed from west to east."

The rectangular issue is tedious. Another element of contention in this statement from the Egyptian Government is how it relates to another verse. Progressing into Chapter 2 verse 158 Abraham has a dialogue with "a race of sun worshipers." Commentary alludes that in this conversation, Abraham states that his God grants life and death.

Thus, interrupted as meaning the life and death of a nation. As God can give life after death such as the rebuilding of Jerusalem under a new obedient nation. Which would make the statement "the East and the West belongs to Allah" more relevant to ownership of Solomon’s Temple. Especially, in a time when some people could remember the temple or records of it still remained.

Yet, all of that is contrary to acquitting Solomon of all charges against him by the Jews and Christians. So, how could Solomon have built the temple wrong? Blaming the jinn and devils isn’t going to answer that question.

If some contend that Solomon’s Temple never existed. Then how can they say it faced west or east in the same breath? Chapter 7 verse 137 in the Quran characterizes the promise made to Abraham in Genesis 17:8 as the "good word." Encompassing the land east and west of the Jordan River.

Going back to Chapter 3:25 in the Quran, which forms the basis that Mary, Jesus’s mother, was from the family of Aaron. Putting Jesus in the prophethood lineage of Aaron. Chapter 7:148-151 vindicates Moses and Aaron of making any calf idols. Chapter 4:163-4 sets down the ancestors from Adam to Jesus. With Jesus having no heir then his prophethood is given to his brethren the Ishmaelites thru the Prophet Mohammed.

In Chapter 5:77 of the Quran, it states that the Israelis rejected Jesus waiving their right to Jerusalem. Then in Chapter 7:157-8 is the implication that in Matthew 15:24 of the New Testament, Jesus told a non-Israeli woman that he is only a prophet for the Israelis. Concluding all other prophets came only to their own people. The Holy Quran declares Mohammed was the first to come to all human races.

Contrary to popular belief including in the commentary of the Holy Quran verse 1 of Chapter 17 does not refer to a spiritual journey. Careful analysis of the text reveals a more hidden message. The passage "by night" means "in secret." "Sacred Mosque to Remote Mosque" signifies the angles underground network from Makkah to Jerusalem.

The verse goes on to state "whose precincts We blessed." "We" means the angles who instructed Mohammed for Allah. Guiding to a conclusion that Mohammed made a secret journey to Jerusalem. For the purpose as declared "We might show him our signs". Since "him’ is not capitalized it must of been to show the true believers that Jerusalem is no longer the Qiblah.

A hard argument to disagree with in face of verses 4-7 of Chapter 17 the angels declare they were the ones who sent the Babylonians to destroy Jerusalem. Just as they (the angles) anointed Jerusalem they ordered the destruction due to Israel’s defying Allah. Clearly expressed in that context in verse 7 as "We raised another people…that they may enter the Mosque as they entered it the first time". Referring to the first devastation of the temple.

Now that the Holy Quran believes they have won their case as to their authority to anoint the Prophet Mohammed over the entire world, seizure is the only action left. This is laid out in Chapter 48:19 where it pronounces "many gains which they will acquire." Interpreted to foreordain the submission of Makkah then the other countries in the East and the West.

Yes, the word Jerusalem is not in the Holy Quran. For Jerusalem is the key to the East and the West.

by Ravin Black
January 25, 2009

"A people without reliable news is, sooner or later, a people without thebasis of freedom." Harold J. Laski: A Grammar of Politics

Palestinian Solution Mischief

For the past 30 years answers to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been portrayed as missing two ingredients regarding the Palestinian State. The Israelis just have to give up East Jerusalem. Then absorb people that are still being manipulated by Israel’s enemy. The memory of an old Aesop Fable lesson: Deceitful Presentations, mostly known as "a sheep in wolf’s clothing," comes to mind.

The Arab League for the past 40 years has held summit after summit. These meetings are never productive and at no time have bequeathed a real solution. In recent times Iran has had meetings with some members. Then those members meet with the rest of the Arab League. Spectators are informed this is all in the name of trying to resolve the situation.

A Palestinian state has been propagated by the world. Yet, for the general public, there are no details as to how the Palestinian economy would evolve. Will they print their own money? Are the Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, or Arab Muslims?

It is very obvious that the Palestinians live in limbo. Where thugs are portrayed as a government and proactive killing will achieve an outcome favorable to the Palestinians. Just to make matters worse, all Palestinians are not Palestinians. Some are Gazans ruled by Hamas. Others are West Bankers controlled by Fatah.

Palestinians in camps in Lebanon are Shia Muslims. In Gaza they are Sunni Muslims. For those in the West Bank the definition is not clear. The impression by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is one that all of them are Arabs. They are all professed as Muslims. Thus, they have to be Arab Muslims.

The renowned author George Friedman, of Stratfor, in his January 15, 2009 commentary entitled "Geopolitics of the Palestinians" stated that the PLO was born from the Arab National Movement started by an Egyptian General. Now more commonly known as the Arab League.

Mr. Friedman also states that a Palestinian state achieved only by the destruction of Israel would not be a state at all. It would be under the command of one of the Arab League countries. Or with Israel still existing could only exist under the control of Israel. Those assertions appear to be correct.

Due to concerns about Israel’s security, restricting the movement of Palestinians is their only option at this time. Transparency of what is coming into the Gaza Strip through the ports and into the West Bank not withstanding. This does leave Palestinians in the instruments of Israel.

On the other hand, the Arabs being in domination after the destruction of Israel would fare much worse. Being the Arabs would have used the Palestinians to destroy their vowed enemy by means of violence and terror. The Arab League is designed to create one Arab nation seemingly encompassing any Arabs through out the world. Since speaking Arabic was the original criteria becoming a Muslim must be a covert principle.

Are the Arabs truly looking for a solution other than the destruction of Israel in their summits on Palestine? The answer appears to be no. After the Ottoman Empire fell, the Arab League was created to unite what was left of the unconquered Arab lands and putting them under Islamic Rule.

The Arab League charter clearly expresses one thing. The Arab control of borders for Palestine likened under British rule. Which would encompass what is now Israel. Just like the map on the scarf Yassir Arafat of the PLO wore.

The Quran was written in Arabic. It states that no Israeli can ever control Jerusalem. Reason being that after King Solomon no Israeli could be worthy. Completely ignoring the issue of the state of war between Judah and Israel after the King’s death.

Even Christian ideology paints a portrait against Judah and Israel. In the context of a people called Israelis or Jews in the Bible who can not control Jerusalem. Whereas, God is going to destroy the world raising up a few people afterwards to live in modern means without manufacturing. Thus, no one needs to worry about Jerusalem, which belongs to the Palestinians.

Right back to Palestine, an area of land which Egypt did control a long time ago. Effectively, it was the battleground between Babylon (Iraq) and Egypt. Both of which are now parts of the Arab League and under the direction of the Islamic faith.

Awhile back, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer during a segment on "Special Report with Brit Hume" stated that America should deal with the Arabs. Asserting that Arabs were not Muslims who are the terrorists.

The only way to make sense of that would be in the context that Hamas who are Gazans rule Gaza. They are not Palestinians until they destroy Israel and become a member of the Arab League. The Hamas charter is not to recognize Israel. In so many words, they are dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Charter of the Arab League’s is for the recognition of an Arab Palestinian State. Functionally, giving the Arabs control over the economic viability of the area. Which would be inline with their "Joint Defense and Economic Cooperation Treaty between the States of the Arab League (1950-52)."

So, the PLO can claim they will recognize Israel only if they have East Jerusalem and return of people (though not their fault) breed just to out number the Israelis. This is affirmed by statements from Yassir Arafat in Stockholm during a 1996 speech "We plan to eliminate the state of Israel…by psychological warfare and population explosion…(till we) take over everything including Jerusalem."

Whether Arabs are not Muslims or are Arab Muslims can be addressed in the Quran. The Prophet Mohammed fought over paganism and claims of brutality against woman at the hands of the Arabs. Yet, Arabs who claim not to be Muslims don’t allow woman any rights just as Al Queda, the Taliban, and conservative Islamic governments.

Prisoner of War status entails the separation of the sexes. Much like Arab, Muslim, or Arab Muslim governments. This can only lead one to believe the Arab League uses the Quran as a weapon of war to oppress people.

Walid Phares wrote a blog entitled "Will We be Able to Bring Peace to Gaza this time?" on January 9, 2009. His aspect is a Ten Point Plan for Gaza. In his scenario, the Palestinian Authority (PA) under Mahmoud Abbas is completely trustworthy. Thus, is only addressed in the context of taking over the ruling Gaza.

Gaza would be "demilitarized" with a United Nations (UN) Multi National Force (MNF). This is needed because any peace treaty does not bind Hamas. Due to them not being internationally recognized. How that is not Hamas’s fault can not be gleaned. But it is a good reason to bring in the UN MNF and keep Hamas around.

Mr. Phares goes on to suggest having the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference pay for the MNF and build a police force manned by the PA. Allow Gazans to work in Arab countries. Have Gazans move freely back and forth between Gaza and the West Bank.

All of this to be followed up with "final security economic arrangements" to be in the "final status of negotiations." Decoded means the status of Jerusalem and return of displaced persons. Which makes no sense because at that time Gaza and the West Bank will be an Arab International protectorate able to pressure the negotiations.

Thus, fulfilling an Arab controlled state being able to void any agreements between the Palestinians and Israel. The Arabs would have complete access to funneling money, weapons, and economic control over the Palestinian people. Leading to an interesting point. In 1974 Arafat devised a ten-point plan with a goal of an Arab Palestinian State over all of Israel.

Iran and Syria are acknowledged to be a problem in Mr. Phares’s ten-point plan. He states they are funding Hamas in the conflict not the Arabs. His idea of rebuilding Gaza by the Arab League is illogical. They are not done with the war. Proved by the failure to get much aid publicly pledged to the rebuilding of Gaza.

As stated in the beginning, Syria is part of the Arab League and Iran is not. Mr. Friedman also stated that before the Palestinian State idea, most Palestinians considered themselves Syrians. Directing the conclusion in to the effect that the Arabs are funneling money to Iran and Syria to fight the conflict in Gaza covertly. Maybe by using meetings between the countries over such things as oil, natural gas supplies, or cell phone contracts to discuss covert projects.

Then, some members of the Arab League meet with Iran over the Gaza crisis. Continue on to meet with the rest of the league. Thus, becoming that Iran is funding the war. Hamas is the terrorists. The Arab League is the peacemaker.

Even though the Arab League does not state or deny the goal of the destruction of Israel. It does imply an Arab superpower encircling the whole world under the Islamic Faith.

One last issue is the solution to have Egypt control Gaza. Jordan commands the West Bank. A solution that would open both those entities to lose control of their own countries and become the front lines on the war against Israel. Thus, tipping control of the world.

It seems that there is no answer to this problem. Yet, there is. It starts with the acknowledgment of people’s intentions, religious or not. This composition is just part of the picture of players in this complex problem.

by Ravin Black
January 21, 2009

"A people without reliable news is, sooner or later, a people without the basis of freedom." Harold J. Laski: A Grammar of Politics