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“A CATASTROPHE” began 610 CE (Part III)

Fighting in self-defense can take on many forms. When it comes to religion, as recorded in the past 6,000 years of human history, a desire to practice one’s own belief have collided with those who want to force religion on others. Religion in and of its self is fine. The problem is when it encroaches upon violence or psychological actions against other people, animals, and Earth.

In Islam, the Prophet Mohammed didn’t fight until he had fled to Madinah from Makkah. This is laid out in Chapter 22 called "The Pilgrimage" during the Lake Makkah (LM) period. Under the section "Believers Permitted to fight" is the earliest known approval-allowing followers to fight. This comes after 10 years of omens as to the destruction of the people of Makkah.

Without his Uncle Talib’s protection anymore, Mohammed approves the sacrifice of one’s life in the defense of the truth, which is manifest in him; this is recorded in Chapter 22. For the time was coming when the enemy was going to exterminate those who he had converted or he was hiding with. Included in this directive was the defense of the churches and synagogues.

Every commander was mandated to "respect all houses of worship" including monks and their servants. Yet, Mohammed had in Chapter 17, in the Early Makkah period, been told by the Angels. The destruction of King Solomon’s Temple was directed by them both times upon the disobedience of the Israelis.

The relation between these two conflicting attitudes is questionable. Chapter 23 "The Believers" also of the LM period reveals that a mild warning not heeded leads to a greater punishment including the complete wiping out of peoples. Mohammed had warned the Jews and Arabs of Madinah not to side with the Makkans. His reference had to have been the destruction of Solomon’s temple.

Chapter 2 "The Cow" recorded as being from the 1-2 After Hijrah (AH) in the section "Retaliation and Bequests" covers agreements in regards to business and war. When personal or national arrangements between peoples are not respected a violation of the peace is committed. This is then considered a fight in the self-defense of Islam.

A couple of sections after "Retaliation and Bequests" is "Fighting in Defense" which commences the rules of self-defense fighting. Most notably in this section is the allowance of fighting in the Sacred Months. Only in retaliation can one fight during the Sacred Months. This force can not be more than what the enemy has laid upon them.

The force could not be disproportional to the enemy’s strength used against the Muslims. One is to use only enough power to keep the enemy at bay until the end of the Sacred Months. No action taken against the unbeliever would set a dangerous precedent. Attacking during the Sacred Months are considered worse than homicide. Upon the conclusion of the Sacred Months, Muslims shall continue to fight till the destruction of the enemy. It was theorized the unbelievers were to trying to break the Muslims of their beliefs.

Infliction of death for leaving Islam is also covered. Death is only allowed for leaving Islam if the Muslim joins the enemy. Though it doesn’t really say if that means the battlefield or something else. Unbelievers are the enemy in that they reject the truth of Allah who will punish them.

In Chapter 2, the next section is titled "Trials and Tribulations" this covers such things as torture. Where the follower’s reliance and steadfastness under persecution is likened to what Mohammed experienced. When the persecution ends the enemy will use more fierce actions just like they did to Mohammed.

For extensive force will be brought down upon the believers to quit their religion. As Jesus cried "Oh, Lord why have thou forsaken me" so will Mohammed’s followers feel the same. Until they feel comparable to how Jesus did there is no trial proportional to that of Mohammed’s. For the truth can only be brought forth under the severest of trials. Otherwise, it can not itself be truth.

A lot has been said on both sides as to whether Islam is doing conversion by the sword. It appears that Hamas does in the Gaza Strip. Along with Al Queda who state they are Arab Sunni Muslims. The Arab League will not condone Hamas, as neither they do anything to stop them. Al Quds, which is Jerusalem, they claim, should come under the control of the Arab League.

The Quran in Chapter 2 does address this issue in regards to the Badr War, which was around 2 AH. Mohammed only having 313 young and old males was up against 1,000 battle ready men. Leaving no means for the conversion by sword of the enemy or to fight for riches. Implying the Muslims were too busy defending themselves against the Arab armies. Yet, is that a logical argument?

According to the Quran, man can never reward fighting in the cause of truth only Allah. For Mohammed is the truth and all sacrifices are well redeemed. Muslims are instructed in Chapter 8 to fight a defensive war to save themselves and Islam. "Voluntary Gifts" is the name of Chapter 8 which is from the 1-2 AH era.

Going back to Chapter 2 also of the 1-2 AH era there is a section called "Usury Prohibited." Many people use this as a reference against interest based loans. Really, this is about not using interest-based loans to fund the Islamic War. For Mohammed felt that it would doom the subjugator and the subjugated.

Logic being peoples must be willing to sacrifice to save themselves and their nation. They had to avoid interest debt driven wars. The "fund for the defense of Muslim society" clearly solves this problem. As one can see the Palestinian people contribute to this fund in blood and any money the international community gives them.

Which brings up another point, in the Osama bin Laden’s audiotape release on January 14, 2009. The statement "The worst kind of inheritance is a protracted guerrilla war against a patient, stubborn opponent, that has been financed by interest-based loans" was made. Many experts stated that this had to have been recently recorded. As one can see, that is a fundamental principle of Islamic warfare.

As Mohammed subjugated Madinah and other areas he became stronger due to the spoils of war. Those plunders are from those who he mastered or who he killed. In turn this contributed to the funding of the defense of Islam.

Another rule to this game, though not unique to Islam, in Chapter 8 under "Peace to be secured by Strength" is convoluted. The Holy Quran approved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia states that a Muslim should arm themselves with the best weapons.

Whereas, the Holy Quran interrupted by Maulana Muhammad Ali of Pakistan asserts that Muslims need to be well prepared due to the loss in the Badr War. For that is the only way for the enemy to remain pacified. He goes on further to state Muslims should make treaties even if they believe the enemy is being deceitful. As in Chapter 9 "The Immunity" from the 9-10 AH era, if the adversary breaks their agreement. The Muslims can kill or take captives due to the breach of that agreement.

This reasoning of arming to keep the peace is corrupt. The fact is Mohammed started out his ministry by telling the Israelis and idolatrous Arabs that the Angels who instructed him had devastated them in the past. Moreover, Mohammed claims to be the "Warner" that is given to all peoples in order to show them the correct path before their punishment by Allah.

Surely, the self-defense war is a product of illusion. Islam catches innocent people in the middle. Iran threatens Israel with the excuse that it is in self-defense. Because when the Muslims captured Jerusalem it was a defensive game that fulfilled the signs of Allah.

Another way to contain Islam’s enemies is to penalize them for attacking. In Chapter 33 from the 5-8 AH era tells the tale of the Battle of the Trench (5 AH). Where Mohammed forgoes the responsibility for the killing of the Jews after they were defeated. This liability is passed on to a former pagan and General of Mohammed during the war.

In "The Allies" or Chapter 33, it is said that if the Jews would have picked Mohammed to decided their discipline. He would have spared them the sword. This General is cited as using the Jewish law of Deuteronomy 20:12-14, which calls for the killing of males and taking of captives. As this General was disgusted by the Jews treachery.

If Mohammed had spared the Jews of Makkah the sword for how long would that have been? The story of the War in Chapter 33 is from the 5-8 AH period. If one goes back to Chapter 3 from the 3-4 AH era, the second of four AH periods, it describes when Muslims could associate with non-Muslims.

The section "The Kingdom is granted to another People" in Chapter 3 at first explains Mohammed’s right to the Promised Land of Abraham. Reasons being the Jews had always tried to kill Mohammed. Jewish law was completed with Mohammed’s ministry. Further stating Jesus had informed the Israelis their Kingdom would be given to a dutiful nation.

Now that Islam has been justified as the rightful owner the ways in which they could ally with the enemy are very clear. During the 3-4 AH they were forbidden to seek relationships in the area of financial affairs. For the unbelievers will not safeguard Muslims interests. More importantly, when Allah’s day comes Muslims do not want to be with the unbelievers.

In the previous verses one is referred to Chapter 60 entitled "The Woman who is Examined" from the 9-10 AH era, which is the last two years of Mohammed’s life. At this point, the section "Friendly Relations with non-Muslims" details relationships with unbelieving women.

Intimacy with conquered women who didn’t fight against the Muslims had to be addressed. As the title suggests their faith was the question. This verse also says that if the non-fighting men do not force the Muslim from his home or to give up Islam: mingling with them is allowed. Yet, most of this discussion is about the marriage of conquered women.

One can glean from this that non-fighting men are allowed to live only if they are subservient to the Muslims. Such as paying a higher tax then Muslims and not practicing their religion in the open and sometimes not at all. Men and women not of Islam were able to marry a person in Islam. Yet, when war comes dowries are to be given back and relations to end.

Considering that war would mean the punishment of Allah the disbeliever would be converted or killed. So, Mohammed may spare the sword in the beginning. As stated earlier, a milder warning not heeded leads to a severer punishment. Thus, Mohammed at some point would have brought about Allah’s punishment for the Jews of Makkah had they emigrated to a foreign land.

Emigrating to a foreign land is stated as being what Mohammed would have decreed for the Jews at Makkah. Being the last lesson of the Battle of the Trench was that Allah would give the Muslims land they had not been to before. So, Mohammed could spare the lives of the Jews of Makkah until their unbelief can no longer be tolerated.

Testimony concerning the reality of being an ally with the Islamic State is covered in Chapter 9. After Islam became a ruler all of Arabia the Roman Christen Empire was deemed no longer an ally. Where they had helped in subduing the Jews and Arabs it is stated they now seen the Muslims as to strong. Thus, the rules of self-defense as instructed by Mohammed where considered in play.

The fight against the Roman Christen Empire was not a direct onslaught. It wasn’t until the Romans conspired with the enemies of Islam to stir up trouble in the Muslim nation that the sword was taken up.

This can truly be seen as the playbook when anyone considers defending his or her country against Islam. The Muslims move to a country and warn of these peoples’ disbelief which develops into them being persecuted for following Islamic law instead of the countries’ laws. As stated, Muslims are told to spread the word of Allah and to be peaceable in their conduct until it becomes a fight for the defense of Islam.

Trying to help another nation against an Islamic self-defensive war is clearly not an option as stated previously. This could lead to ones’ saying they are not for Israel and are a friend to Islam. Thus, opening their doors to Islam. Either way, Islam considers them an enemy to be dealt with at some time in the future.

So, as Hamas sends small rockets at Israel as a mild warning. A more unmerciful punishment is in store for Israel. After the destruction of Israel, comes subjugation of the rest of the world. Even if that world is standing on the sidelines. Making the innocents of Islamic subjugation a pawn in a stratagem of world domination.

By the Quran, the Palestinians can not seek to be a resident of Israel. For they should not work or do financial transactions within the State. Those who are living in Israel or married to an Israeli will have to decide at some point what their beliefs are concerning Islam.

Unless the enemy desists from plotting wars and ceases to be unbelievers Allah will seek to punish them. Leading to a world with no more persecution of Muslims and all religions are for Allah.

by Ravin Black
February 12, 2009

"A people without reliable news is, sooner or later, a people without the basis of freedom." Harold J. Laski: A Grammar of Politics


  1. So the Catastrophe trilogy takes a breather.

    You spit out more text than I have done in the last 4 months in the space of a couple of days.

    Of course, I rarely blog, but lets not put things into proper context. It could start a trend that would destroy blogging as we know it...

    I also see that the posts were written a while ago and only recently posted, but hey! once again who needs proper context when no one else needs it?

  2. their anaylsis...and i decided to try and put them somewhere...so, they were just posted in a couple of days...

    the posts on this blog will be mostly anaylsis' i do...when i can...and ones i am willing to go public with...

    i been trying to get started on a piece that compares the two main approved qurans used in islamic areas that we are contending with

    but it is physically challenging for me to write...and dictation software is hard to deal with...

    soon enough there will be another anaylsis of issues regarding the quran or i might post one of my older anaylsis' but i want to redo parts of them...

    take care...THANKZ FOR READING

  3. in regards to the "So the Catastrophe trilogy takes a breather"...yes, that analysis was longer than i wanted it to be but the quran isn't an easy subject...how did u know it was going to be three parts???

    i didn't go into iraq or afghanistan to lose...so, these aren't frivolous writings...

    but u r of the belief that the wars will be won at the end of a barrel and they will not be won that way...we (the US) do not commit genocide

    the US needs an army to go up into the (Fata) area and that would be a army on both sides...so, pakistan, afghanistan play an important role but more then that what the Master of Islam preach and their stratedgy matters most..

    the FATA area is also connected to the Kashmir area...so, basically it is a whole mountain range and just american men will not do...we need an afghanistan and pakistan army...that is why it is such a contested area

    and Iran keeps us occupied while the rest of the Masters play another game of chess...so, it is like having several chess games going at once

    so, insult me all u want...u show how little thought u have into this war!!!

  4. and don't forget the baluchisten area...

  5. As regards FN, I haven't got the foggiest idea what he's talking about.

    As regards your own analysis, I would strongly warn against trying to understand the ME conflict(s), solely from the perspective of the Holy Books: this conflict is essentially about land, not religion.

    While the Palestinians are gradually radicalising, also along Islamist lines, that people has traditionally been among the most secular of Arab peoples.

    Zionist settlers of Palestine, as well as the first governments of Israel were mainly (predominantly) atheist/agnostic Jews drawn from European Left cadres (hence also Israel's strong separation between Synagogue and State). Religious Nationalism is on the rise in Israel but up to now not really the root cause of disastrous Israeli policy making.

    For a good, basic reading of the conflict I would suggest reading Benny Morris (an Israeli historian) as a good starting point, not the Qu'ran or the Torah.

  6. well, it is about religion....because it is God who granted the Promise of Abramham or "land"...and that isn't found in a secular law book but in the Torah, Bible, and the Quran

    So Far, the Muslims are winnning in taking over the world...so, i will analysis the quran...i grew up learning the Torah and the Bible...

    i suggust u understand what i wrote not just read it

    in chapter 17 it says the angles talkin to mohammed are the same ones who destroyed the temple and sent the tribe of Judah packin so...maybe those "jews" who don't believe in Zionism believe in the HOLY QURAN

  7. I was only making fun of myself. A sense of humor is sometimes necessary. In conventional warfare morale is just as important as military prowess, but in unconventional warfare it is much more important.

    As far as the war in Afghanistan goes I am all for developing the Afghani security forces, even though it has been incompetent.

    I'd also like to see the Pakistani military beefed up, but the ISI has to go.

    The Afghani security forces should take the lead as soon as they are ready. Unfortunately, they are certainly not ready at the moment and wont be in the near future.

    One thing that I would really like to see is Iraqi troops being sent to Afghanistan. That would send a powerful signal that the Muslim world is turning against Al Qaeda and religious extremism.

    I understand that they need their troops at home, but with about 260,000 troops they can spare one battalion of 1,000 soldiers. The military value of these troops would be small, but the propaganda value would be priceless.

    While the war could be lost on the battlefield, I dont think that the war will be won on the battlefield. It will be won in the media. Our enemies manipulate the media to serve their needs, but there is little will to educate Western civilization on this subject. I am in favor of changing that.