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“A CATASTROPHE” began 610 CE (Part II)

Mr. John Medows Rodwell in 1861 translated the Quran along with doing some commentary on it. "The Koran" as titled by Mr. Rodwell is different than most versions of the Quran. His criticism that the chapters being out of order led him to rearranging them in his translation work.

It appears that the chapters of the Quran are in the order of current Islamic principle. The chapters revealed in the After Hijrah (AH) 1-2 period are in the beginning of the Quran. Not because they are longer, but because the wars had begun. Thus, as the fight to install Islam as the true religion of man the rules set forth in these chapters became more important than the earlier chapters.

The earlier chapters are for reference and the newer ones refined the call of a righteous war. Meaning that the chapters of the Quran are in the right order. Chapter 41 "The Warning" is from the Middle Makkah period. This chapter reiterates the same theme of warning Makkah, proof of signs in the punishment to come, and the gradual but swift spread of Islam after the persecution ends.

Whereas, Chapter 3 "The Family of Amran" from the AH 3-4 period lays out inheritances of the priesthood from Adam through Jesus to Mohammed. In verse 18 the idea is conveyed that every child is born a Muslim because Islam is the natural peaceful religion. The parents of these children force the crime of hypocrisy on their Muslim children.

The freeing of all the children of the world in Chapter 3 is built on a verse in Chapter 22. Also known as "The Pilgrimage" Chapter 22 is from the Late Makkah (LM) period. Verse 39 narrates how Mohammed made the leaders of his followers’ take an oath as they fled to Madinah. Known as one of the earliest authorizations to fight the oath entailed protecting Mohammed.

To put in Chronological order Chapter 17 "The Israelis" from the Early Makkah (EM) period reveals that man is to be offered the correct path by the righteous prophet Mohammed. Chapter 41 "The Warning" during the Middle Makkah (MM) period foretells the destruction of Makkah for their persecution of Mohammed.

When Mohammed’s Uncle Talib died as chronicled in Chapter 28 called "The Narrative" during the LM period. Talib would not forsake the Gods of his Fathers. Thus, Mohammed declared one could not always guide those who they love. Yet, over time Divine unity will happen. In Chapter 22 "The Pilgrimage" from the LM period stipulates an oath to protect Mohammed as they would their children.

One can only conclude that Chapter 3 is built on the earlier revelations in order to explain them as being divine revelation. Creating a justification for the ongoing war and that his followers will be victorious in the end. So, the issue at hand is put in the right order in the Quran.

Starting with Chapter 2 creating a fund for the Muslim children left behind from persecution or conflict like the Badr War. Chapter 3 declares all humans fall under the jurisdiction of Allah from birth. Chapter 17 declares all men starting with the Israelis must be shown the right course before their punishment is rendered.

An oath to protect Mohammed as one would their children is in Chapter 22. Since all children are born Muslims, like Uncle Talib, the path to divine unity will not be an easy one as narrated in Chapter 28.

Mohammed prophesied all this in the early years of his ministry before the wars. This is shown in Chapter 41. Being that Mohammed did not live to see Islam instated in Makkah having died on the way there. This created a practiced plan of proof that his revelations are from a divine source.

This proceeds into Chapter 101 "The Calamity" where Mohammed in the EM period prognosticated the defeat of Makkah by the Muslims. This divine prophecy of conquest is an outline of world domination. Presented in the correct order for the followers and converts adherence in the fight for Allah.

Ending with Chapter 114, revealed in the EM era, called "The Men" it confirms the Quran was put together in the correct order for their intended purpose. Mohammed was guided by the Angels to apocalypse the demise of Arabia and the Levant. Upon the ruin of the Makkans the proof of Mohammed’s obedience to Allah’s word through the Angels materialized.

Just as the claims of the Angels of Allah being the ones who instructed Isaiah and Jesus to foretell the destruction of Israel. The Quran’s concluding chapter "The Men" crafts a warning to all mankind to seek refuge in Allah the Nourisher. For belief in the Quran’s law, Mohammed, and Allah is the only protection for man.

The destruction of world opposition begins with Israel and control of Jerusalem or Al Quds as the Muslims call it. The Arab League will control Al Quds, which is the gateway spiritual center of Islam to the rest of the world. Whereas, Makkah is the spiritual center for the Masters of Islam as it was the beginning of Mohammed’s augury. Not to mention Mohammed made Makkah the Kabah of monotheism instead of Jerusalem.

To fight in Allah’s way is the same as fighting in self-defense in Chapter 3. In order to understand that one must carefully look at the chapters and verses related to the rules of fighting in self-defense. Arguments of whether the word Jerusalem is in the Quran or whether it is complied in the right order will not suffice.

Not understanding the Quran’s relationship to the Israeli-Palestinian War. Including how Muslims are being used as pawns in a broader game of world domination leaves one at a disadvantage.

One can stick their head in the sand. Sooner or later they have to come up for air. Whether that will be in the scorching natural sun or a night lit by a sliver of that same light guiding their way out. It leads to the same outcome of which someone else is directing.

by Ravin Black
Febuary 9, 2009

"A people without reliable news is, sooner or later, a people without the basis of freedom." Harold J. Laski: A Grammar of Politics

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