Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zimmerman Verdict

Zimmerman Prosecution Failed:

1) to make the fact that TM had moved into the neighborhood for at least 2 months or more -which has few blacks in it
2) GZ as NWC would make it his knowledge to know who is in the 3 street gated community
3) It only takes '4 minutes' to implement intent to murder by using opportunity
4) Pros.put on video that never showed the alleged 'bush' that GZ said TM came from
5) Pros. waited until closing arguments to say GZ whereabouts for 2 minutes
6) Defs. in CA finally addresses issue of "the bush" in the video-which had not been articulated in trial 7) Defs. photo of GZ give the impression of "I won"
8) Prosc. failed to argue that GZ could have jumped out of 'the bush' thus attacking TM
9) Prosc. failed to to impeach Defs. witnesses,- that to keep the GZ story alive' factor into their testimony
10) Pros. did not need to say TM had $40.10 in his possession during CA - already proved TM paid for the skittles & tea
11) Prosc. waits until CA to address issue that TM did not want to lead GZ to his house.
12) Prosc. failed to address efficeintly until CA that GZ never identified himself
13) Prosc. failed to address that when Renee heard "who r u" might have been when GZ jumped out of 'the bush' - she did say TM did not know where GZ was
14) reserved for future comments.