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“A CATASTROPHE” began 610 CE (Part I)

Since 1947 Israel has been called "The Catastrophe" by the Palestinians in spite of that declaration already having been made by the Prophet Mohammed in 610 CE. In the Holy Quran, Chapter 101 is called "The Calamity." This chapter is from the Early Makkah period which is considered the beginning of the Prophet Mohammed’s preaching.

Only containing 11 short verses Chapter 101 is the affirmation of the doom of the Quraish. The Quraish is considered the idolatrous Arabs and the Jews who joined in. So, the reference is to the doom of both sets of people. The entirety of the chapter is the mechanism in which Islam shall conquer the whole world. Where as, the Quraish becomes a reference to the Israelis as the center of the battle. When the day of the Calamity comes destroying the earth before the Resurrection.

In addition, any peoples can become the Quraish when an opponent of the Truth (the Prophet Mohammed). The true order of these vanquishing people is Madinah, Makkah, and then the Israelis. Though, in between that time other countries with Christians, Pagans, or Atheists are to be taken over. Yet, the final battle will be defined by the destruction of Israel.

The Angels who spoke to Mohammed stated in Chapter 4 that they were there at the creation of Adam. They anointed all the prophets of Israel from Abraham to Jesus: whom the Israelis refused to accept and the Christians went astray by the atonement of Jesus not to mention making him a God. With this in mind, one has to understand that the eradication of Israel is the destruction of all opposition. As the Angels stated in Chapter 17 they ordered the destruction of Solomon’s Temple both times. No one should doubt the essence of that statement.

Israel is also considered as the Christians. Solomon’s kingdom was given to the Christians. The Christians are the Israelis in their eyes. In the event that all Israelis, Jews, Christians, or Pagans are cleansed from King Solomon’s domain the center of the battle would be Europe and America including Canada.

This heritage from Israel to the rest of the world becomes more detailed in Chapter 17, which is called "The Israelites." Like Chapter 101, Chapter 17 is from the Early Makkah period. It relates Islam to the sun and the moon. Just as the moon has no original light the ignorant world is the night. Thus, the day will come when Islam like the sun is the world’s natural light.

The followers of Islam have known the light since the 7th century. In the sense that atonement whether Jewish law or Jesus’ dying does not save a man from his consequences. For man alone is responsible for his actions. In Chapter 51, "The Scatters," it states that there are "many paths of heaven." This is suppose to be taken in the context that Mohammed didn’t know about the planet's orbits as we do today. Which means the Holy Quran can only be of Divine Revelation.

Though, a careful look at the "many paths of heaven" verse reveals it is a direct repudiation of Halakha the Hebrew word meaning "the path" as in the Jewish law. Going back to Chapter 17, a man was to be offered the correct path to heaven through the messenger of Allah being Mohammed. If after a man has been warned of being on the wrong path and continues on that path then punishment will follow.

Jesus told the Israelis of Allah’s discontent for indecency. They rejected the message and were smitten. So to, those who reject the message of Allah through Mohammed have now multiplied their offenses. So much so that such measures as the destruction of their towns, cities, peoples, and countries is justified.

The Early Makkah period spans over the first 5 years of Mohammed’s preaching. Middle Makkah is the next 5 years. The next three years is the Late Makkah period. Then Mohammed flees to Madinah shortly after his uncle Talib died in Makkah. This starts the AH periods which means After Hijrah.

There are 4 AH intervals. The first two years is called AH 1-2. Following next two years is called AH 3-4. Next is the AH 5-8 which is 3 years long. Mohammed’s last two years is AH 9-10. The prevailing thought is Mohammed died in 632 CE with his ministry spanning the last 23 years of his life. Bringing a working calculation of 609 CE to 632 CE to define the eras of Mohammed.
People can have different years around the same time for an event that is discussed in the Holy Quran. The main point is how the chapters revealed by Mohammed at different times lays out a plan for world domination.

Mohammed instructs his followers to go with great eagerness and fortification to spread Islam. He states this in a Chapter 79 entitled "Those Who Yearn" under the subtitle "The Great Commotion." Leading to Chapter 100 that describes how wars will be waged against Islam whom will be victorious.

One can only come to an understanding that "The Great Commotion" is the prelude to Chapter 100 that is called "The Assaulters." Chapter 17, 79, 100, 101 are all in the Early Makkah period. Now, Chapter 29 "The Spider" is from the Middle Makkah period.

"The Spider" outlines that the Holy Quran is the purifier with Mohammed as the "Warner of Allah." Those who deny the signs of Allah will be punished thus fulfilling the signs. Mercy is the Quran. Accepting the Quran is the only mercy to be shown. Since, punishment is thought of to be hell. Hell is considered not only the afterlife but also this life as well. So, a man cannot escape from Allah’s punishment in this life or the afterlife.

Common thought puts Mohammed’s skirmishes and wars as starting around the AH 3-4 and 5-8 periods. Which is after his Uncle died and he fled to Madinah. Meaning that the chapters revealed from the Early Makkah to the Late Makkah and probably the AH 1-2 periods are the forerunner to his wars.

These revelations before the actual wars are to orchestrate how to conduct a war. By blaming the people who refused his signs from Allah. Calling them the assaulters. This theory is clearly laid out in the Late Makkah period. In a Chapter called "The Thunder" Allah warned the Makkans many times of their crimes against him and the righteous religion.

The crimes described in the Chapter 13 or "The Thunder" are the rejection of Mohammed’s ministry covering the Early Makkah and Middle Makkah period. Through this rejection Allah will punish them with the severest punishment of either the sword or conversion. Punishment designed to reveal the truth of the revelation of Mohammed for all peoples then and in the future.

by Ravin Black
February 3, 2009


  1. This sounds like a twisted Lord of the Rings Triology on acid.

    While I have little knowledge of the Quran, I can find similarities with how I viewed the Bible as a kid.

    The Old Testament was fascinating because it was this wild blood bath that stood far apart from the modern values of the New Testament (not including the Book of Revelations).

    I always thought that the Old Testament was written by barbarians. Now I have learned that the Quran was written by the heavy metal band "Gwar"!!!!!!!!

  2. read the book of mormon and it makes the old testament look like head bangers

    the idea that these people left jerusalem in 600 bc bringing some of the info with them and writing the rest of the book of mormon until they had all killed each other by 400 ad

    yes, it begs the is the book of mormons suppose to be postive in the future of civilized mankind?

    and yes, this is a three part article only to show people what the quran says and in part two a mr.rodwell (who translated the koran in 1918)brings up the point that the quran isn't in chronological order...which i then prove it is in the order the muslim leaders want...

    have a good day...i need to get a few things done

  3. I haven't read the Qu'ran but have read about it (and 'up on it'). Most students of the Qu'ran, secular scholars included, conclude that the book, like the Old Testament, is full of references to battles that are, well... unreferenced! I.o.w. in many, many cases we don't know what battle precisely is being referred to, where it happened or when. Both the Qu'ran and the Old Testament are therefore rather useless as 'history books' in the modern sense of the word.

    The documentary "The Bible Unearthed" for instance shows that Exodus is hopelessly confused on both chronology and geography. In all likelihood the book was compiled some centuries after the events and the result of several generations of oral passing on. We all know what happened to that story of the angler and his huge catch! The fish kept getting bigger and there must now exist literally thousands of sites where the lucky man was sighted!

  4. And with relics from the Cross, you can build a forest!