Thursday, April 23, 2009

King of Peace Torture

For all the talk of Peace Ambassadors, the Satanic America and claims of being the New Perfected Adam an article in "The Washington Times" on redefining torture clarifies the meaning of disinformation. In a June 25, 2004 piece entitled "Severe and Prolonged Harm" Eugene Kontorovich of George Mason University already set the tone for the fake republican debate on violating the Geneva Convention. Eugene clearly states the Bush Administration’s need to redefine that physical abuse is not always torture.

Blaming the UN and congressional definitions in already stating that torture must be severe pain and suffering. Suggesting that slapping someone, which is a misdemeanor and domestic abuse violation of common law is justified as not torture. Shaping the argument as military life can be considered torture. Citing the UN "Convention Against Torture" and U.S. Congress’s "Torture Victim Protection Act" as the ones who are setting the new standards of torture. After decades of the Geneva Convention in affect where the idea of lawsuits against CIA Officers or Military arose from is now answered.

Torture voids the "Torture Victims Act" developing a Kangaroo Congress. The strategy aim explicitly expressed by Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church who and which owns The Washington Times is to bring down the Great Satan America truly transcends in this debacle of a debate.

Back in 1988 there was a flurry of news articles about a young Zimbabwean or South Koreanian proclaiming to be Rev. Moon’s dead son. With this newfound title this young man was reportedly slapping members of the Church. The Times President mysteriously fell down stairs at this same time.

Arnaud deBorchgrave of United Press International now and of Early Warning a private intelligence newsletter in the late 1980’s was quoted saying this young man was a plant by the North Korean government. 20 years later putting in context President Bush’s answer to David Gregory’s, of NBC, question in the Rose Garden Press Conference Friday September 15, 2006. David asked how Bush felt about North Korea setting their own definitions of torture to our CIA/Military personnel when Bush violates the Geneva Convention. What if N. Korea tortured and used secret evidence in a show trial against our people?

President Bush’s answer was he hoped N. Korea would use Rev. Moon and his definition under the guise of U.S. Congress, as torture definitions. Knowing Rev. Moon and Arnaud deBorchgrave’s claims of contacts in the North Koreanian military and with Kim Jung Ill II’s father leaves pause to digest. Are they abusing the American population thru a proxy such as a their sworn enemy of the United States? As a way for Rev. Moon to bring the American/Zionist/Corrupt Christian population into his cult be that by force, coercion or physiological warfare as a means?

By Ravin Black September 16, 2006

photo from September 10, 2006 Victory Celebration for Korean members of the Unification Church

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