Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arab Street asks for Help

The Horse and the Stag

A BITTER QUARREL arouse between the horse and the stag in the days when both creatures roamed wild in the forest. The horse came to the hunter to ask him to take his side in the feud.

The hunter agreed, but added: "If i am to help you punish the stag, you must let me place this iron bit in your mouth and this saddle upon your back".

The horse was agreeable to the man's conditions and he soon was bridled and saddled. The hunter sprange into the saddle, and together they soon had the stag to flight. When they returned, the horse said to the hunter: "Now if you will get off my back and remove the bit and the saddle, I won't require your help any longer."

"Not so fast, friend horse," replied the hunter. "I have you under bit and spur, and from now on you shall remain the slave of man."

Lesson: Libety is too high a price to pay for revenge.

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